Yogi tea.

Yogi teaは毎日3~4杯飲んでいるので棚がいっぱいになるほどストックしています

私の定番はWomen's Moon Cicle、Women's Energy、Women's Balance、
それからGreen Tea Kombucha



love of handmade things.

I always try to find time to create things with my own hands. wish i could do more....
I feel joy to make something pretty for the beautiful souls resonate with mine.



-A true Lover doesn’t follow any one religion, be sure of that. 
Since in the religion of Love, there is no irreverence or faith. 
When in Love, body, mind, heart and soul don’t even exist. 
Become this, fall in Love, and you will not be separated again.

may your day be love filled and blessed♥



Macaco from Barcelona, Spain. 
i often play his music..♥


in my dream last night.

 i was rushing towards the train station, it looked like one of those historical places in Kyoto or Nara where i've never been to...strange no? 
"RUN! you are behind time!!!!!" 
the voice echoed.in my head. 
"Hurry up!!!" 

hey....what am i rushing for?

this evening in my yoga, i practiced focusing.
it's not easy.. it just feels like you're all over the place because the thoughts change constantly without you even noticing. 

yoga gives me great relaxation. it feels so good to be just being here and to breath in tranquility.
i practice believing that with focus and clarity we can live with gratitude. we will become more conscious of the effects we have on this earth and all its beings.